Mom from Manang

We leave early in the morning from Manang and about one hundred meters higher we go through a small village. It is the period between the monsoons, so trackers are on their way. And therefore, this mom has to work. Right near the road has put items for sale. Beads, necklaces, statues, leather products and jingles.

Pleading with the hope of every passer-by looks and offer their goods. "Good price". Then adds even timid "Moning plajs". Equity prices are a favorite argument of traders without otherwise differ from those afternoons. This in fact could not even walk. She had her hands full of babies and it seemed that it would rather be at home, warm by the fire before the wind blowing, stone paved road. The need to earn at least a few rupees is strong. I buy a small statue and colored gemstones. Once the conversation turns from the business to her baby, a mother melts. She smiles at the camera. Sort of hard, tired but happy.