Children of Nepal

Most of the children you meet in Nepal want something from you. At least it is your attention, or maybe even a small gift, sweet candy or just a smile or a monkey face. One would expect such behavior from them, actually. Very often these encounters are funny, however, there are also the ones, which would not make you laugh at all.

The toughest situation is in the cities. For instance in Pokhara or Kathmandu you come across to many abandoned children living in the streets. They would touch your shoes so unexpectedly that they force you to sidestep and suddenly stare to the deep brown sad eyes. Such feelings are overwhelming. Their small fists touching their lips means they are starving. Hence it is impossible for you to distinguish who just begs money for their gang and who really suffers. They all look the same, sad and miserably. The only way how to defense yourself is to have your pockets full of biscuits. No matter from what reason some kid stops you, they all would appreciate it.

Different situation is in the countryside. Children here are tightly bonded to their families and raised quite well. These children are interested in foreigners just for their own fun. Most of them ask you for the candies, pens, balloons or so. While for them it is just an innocent way to entertain themselves, for their parents this is an act of begging that is not allowed.