This girl was from Tatopani. She was typical example of a young proud lady, who by her posture clearly expressed that all the problems of the Third World were none of her business. However, mucus all around her nose was delivering a completely different message. 

Children and also adults there were suffering from several uncured illnesses. Poor hygiene, lack of medical care and perhaps even different life priorities were reflected in a high level of mortality amongst children and in a quite low average life length of Nepalese people in general.

Kids in Nepal were maybe dirty and sick having running noses all the time, but on the contrary for sure they were not unfriendly or cocky, they were not perfidious and they did not have any bad intentions. Kids in Nepal were just beautiful. They were beautiful for their ability to enjoy their lives, to be happy and grateful for little pleasures they did have. They were beautiful for their unpretentious smiles they gave out to everyone. People in Nepal were amazing, filling you up with the positive energy all the time...and nothing else could beat this!