This girl was from Tatopani. She was typical example of a young proud lady, who by her posture clearly expressed that all the problems of the Third World were none of her business. However, mucus all around her nose was delivering a completely different message. 

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Chiring Sherpa

Chiring Sherpa was my travel companion who helped me a lot. I saw him always smiling; none of the time we spent together was he in a bad mood or looked tired.

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Evening above Muktinath

The way down is harder than the way up. That leaves about two hours before it gets completely dark. Alone in the Himalayas at an altitude of 5000 meters, flooding me feel incredibly beautiful, but they can not control my mind enough to forget prudence and respect for these mountains, which exhibit in their gallery in the open air these wonderful images.

Children from Bhulbule

Children in Nepal are cute cheeky monkeys. Some of them. Wait, actually, most of them. They would shout at you in Nepalese language and also trying to do their best in English by naming stuff they got from the tourists. It does not matter if you do not have a candy, they would ask for a pencil instead or just a balloon might be enough.

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Mom from Manang

We leave early in the morning from Manang and about one hundred meters higher we go through a small village. It is the period between the monsoons, so trackers are on their way. And therefore, this mom has to work. Right near the road has put items for sale. Beads, necklaces, statues, leather products and jingles.

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Hairdresser unknown

He sat in front of the Buddhist monastery in the town of Muktinath. Bonded Headwaters reached to his ankles and when I introduced him to a speech saying that lasted throughout the nineteen years before he could boast about a long parade. What lived inside of dreadlocks, I would rather not examine.

Children of Nepal

Most of the children you meet in Nepal want something from you. At least it is your attention, or maybe even a small gift, sweet candy or just a smile or a monkey face. One would expect such behavior from them, actually. Very often these encounters are funny, however, there are also the ones, which would not make you laugh at all.

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In the medieval village of Upper Pisang, at an altitude of approximately 3300 m. offered little, sour, ugly but good juicy apples for twenty rupees per piece. Nepali Sherpa caste. I bought them just five. But it was not enough for it to let me take a picture. However, she asked me to do advertising.

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On the way from Muktinath to Jomsom, we were two days plagued by strong wind, which lifted the clouds of dust and sand and was swept trough Kali Ghandaki against us. This part of the way the photographer does not use too much.

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