Hi! My name is Mirek Endys

Mirek EndyšIm amateur photographer who is fascinated mainly by reportage photography. I seek an inspiration in work of the great photographers, such as James Nachtwey, Sebastiao Salgado or Antonín Kratochvíl. To be present and able to capture events, not only the ones with the great world importance, is a dream of every reportage photographer. Im waiting for my chance so far, yet I know one day it will come.

  • "I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated."
    James Nachtwey jamesnachtwey.com


Capture moments, preserve memories, create images, tell stories, show emotions. All these and a few other things photography allows me.

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The mountains are for me synonymous with many expressions that in conjunction with the man described to the mythical creature.

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From the ZX Spectrum, through the PC XT, AT. From the assembler through C, C++ to C#. From small little programs to large business solutions. From the first experiments with HTML to ASP.NET and Silverlight applications.

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Few parallels what that feeling when tensioned sails and the boat tilts under wind pressure so that it will roll out over the bow water, and you, whole wet, stand on the stern at the helm and feel the immense power of nature.

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Since childhood I've already read countless books. I admired not only the heroes of the stories of Jules Verne, and Victor Hugo, but even the author himself. I've always flirted with the fact that I'd also like to write something. And so, in 2007, my first story saw the light. And then next and next…